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    January 4, 2003

  •  We have added a unique collection of 50 Mennonite quilts from Waterloo County, Ontario. It is listed in the catalogue under Miscellany. The price has not yet been determined.     

          August 18, 2000
  • This is a new site. We have not yet listed all books or prints and will be adding them over the next few months.
  • ALL NEW ITEMS will be placed at the top of the lists.
  • In addition, after December 1, general descriptions of new items will be placed on this page.
  • For most series of prints, we list no more than 20. If you are interested in others from the book, please contact us.
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            October 24, 2000

There is now a SEARCH ENGINE on the home page. It is possible to search on a name (e.g., "Abraham"), a word (e.g., "temple"), on a chapter (e.g., "Genesis2" or 1Kings2), etc. For more details on the search capabilities and format, please click here.

     February 6, 2002

Over the last few months we have added more books as well as various series of prints including new prints by Luyken (Old and New Testament), hand-painted New Testament prints, as well as prints arranged by various topics including the Crucifixion. More will be added in the near future.