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Books Relating to the Old Testament

[Dutch] [Mortier, Pieter,ed.]; Historie des Ouden en Nieuwen Testaments, Verrykt met meer dan vierhonderd Printverbeeldingen In koper gefneeden. ... Eerste Deel. Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier, 1700. Volume 1 (Old Testament and Apocrypha) of 2 (Volume 2 is the New Testament). Folio. Expertly and beautifully rebacked with most of original spine with its 8 bands and 2 labels and gilt design in compartments. Original hand-tooled covers (front and back end-papers perhaps missing). A fine, symbolic copper-plate engraving, full-page frontpiece and title page with symbolic vignette. [xiv] + 1-282 + [viii]. Plus 141 copper-plate engraved full-page plates (including the first of the Creation and of Adam and Eve which is often missing, apparently removed to the nakedness of Adam), each with two separate engraved scenes. Engravings are by or after Luycken (Luyken), Elgier, Picart, Goeree, and the like. Pages and engravings are on fine, heavier laid paper. Condition of the interior is very fine with plates in beautiful shape with good to excellent impressions and only very occasional and minor foxing or water-stains or creasing or marginal tears. This is the so called "Great Bible" of Pieter Mortier. The works of art in this volume are found in many later, lesser Bibles and Bible histories. The format is a few pages of Bible stories illustrated by a plate. #B21 SOLD

[Latin] Lamy, Bernardo [posthumous]; De Tabernaculo Foederis, De Sancta Civitate Jerusalem, et De Templo Ejus. Libri Septem. Paris, Joannem Mariette, via Jacobaea, sub Columnis Herculeis. 1720. "Cum Privilegio Regis". First edition. Folio. Contemporary calf with 6 raised bands and compartments with gilt floral designs and red label. Title page with vignette of Hercules and his labors. [xxvi - including a life of the author and table of contents] + 1361 [recte 1362] + [lv]. 20 copper-plate engraved plates (of which 11 are single page, 8 are double page, and one is double with an explanatory leaf - various views of Temple and Tabernacle, Noah's ark and the Tower of Babel, various competing renditions of the rituals and ritual objects including the menorah, a plan of Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin, the Door of the Temple, etc. -- These are the originals reproduced in many later Bibles and biblical histories) 8 of which are signed by Delmonce, a fine engraved (~quarter page) heading to Book One of Ezekiel receiving the plan of the Temple in a vision and engraved floral headings to the rest of the books. Roughly 36 in text engravings of geometrical forms, tables, etc., and 15 full page tables. Old, small circular library stamp on title page. Spine damaged some at top and bottom, corners bumped, covers rubbed in places, and other small defects including unobtrusive water-stain "v"'s at the top of roughly 40 pages and some rub-off of a few plates onto facing pages. "... outstanding among those who appreciated an architectural relationship between the Temple and the Tabernacle was the Oratorian priest Bernard Lamy (1640-1715), known for his interests in philosophy, science and mathematics. An unorthodox thinker and a follower of Malebranche, he ran into trouble with the doctors of the Sorbonne, while his friendship with Arnauld and his learnings towards the Jansenists also made him suspect. Nevertheless, he was highly regarded and honoured within his Order.// Lamy's monumental work, De Tabernaculo ... was lovingly, although posthumously, published in Paris by his fellow Oratorian, Louis Ellies Du Pin in 1720. This reconstruction of the Temple differs radically from that of Villalpando, whom Lamy mentioned with scant respect. Lamy's attempt to return to the sources; as a rationalist he distrusted symbolism and allegory and was fascinated by historical facts. Therefore he turned again to II Chronicles 3:4 and, although he reconstructed the Temple without a tower, still gave an elevation to the facade of 120 cubits... He thus achieved a monumental structure of clear form, ... Lamy was also interested in detail, ..." Rosenau pp. 97-8.. #B20 $2500 SOLD.

[Dutch] Josephus, Flavius (Flavii Iosephi); Hooghberoemde Joodsche Historien ende Boecken. 1636 Amsterdam, Jan Evertss. Kloppenburgh. Cont.title: Noch Egesippus vande ellendighe verstoringe der Stadt Ierusalem. Van nieus met schone figuren verciert, ende met nootwendige anteikeningen en sumarien verrijckt. Folio, original blindtooled vellum, engraved title page, 338 (x2),extensive register, 77 (x2) , register (incl. letter A-I) pp, approximately 98 charming woodcuts in the text (~5 with some dampstaining, some with multiple repeats), backstrip and titlepage with repairs, occasional dampstaining, binding strong, good copy. Poortman IIb 223. Josephus was the famous Jewish general turned Roman historian. Many translations and editions exist of his work due to the facts that he gave one one of the only first-hand accounts of First Century Israel and also because he seems to be the only contemporary source for an historical description of Jesus. #B15 SOLD

Sharpe, Samuel; Hebrew Inscriptions, from the Valleys between Egypt and Mount Sinai, in their original characters, with translations and an Alphabet. With Twenty Plates. London: John Russell Smith, 1875. Has stamp of R.D. Barrett on front endpaper. Preface iii-vii; 108; then 20 pages of inscription plates. Top and bottom of spine chipped; minor fold on bottom of all pages. These very ancient Sinaitic inscriptions in the Wady Mocatteb, to the best of our knowledge, have still not been translated. This book represents an effort at translating them as Hebrew inscriptions. Good copy. #B16 $170 SOLD

Budge, Ernest A., The History of Esarhaddon (Son of Sennacherib), King of Assyria, B.C. 681-668. Translated from the Cuneiform Inscriptions upon Cylinders and Tablets in the British Museum Collection. Together with Original Texts, A Grammatical Analysis of Each Word, Explanations of the Ideographs by Extracts from the Bi-Lingual Syllabaries, and List of Eponyms, Etc. Boston, J. R. Osgood and Co. 1881. Discard of the City Library of the City of Lowell (with this library's plate and stamps). Overall good condition with some water staining on inside cover and a torn off owner's book plate on inside back cover. This is a book from the time when Assyrian texts were just being translated. It is filled with the enthusiasm and love of a new venture. These texts were all the more exciting, because they sometimes described events that were in the Old Testament or were contemporary to them. Budge was the curator of the collection of the British Museum and became famous for his translations of mystical and gnostic texts like the Pistis Sophia. There are chapters on: Titles of Esarhaddon, Will of Sennacherib, various expeditions and battles and wars and campaigns, The Buildings of Esarhaddon, The Names of the Eight Kings, The Names of the Twenty-two Kings of the "The Country of the Hittites and the Sea-Coast", Names of the Kings Appointed over Egypt by Esarhaddon, etc. #B14 SOLD

[French] Lamy, Bernardo, R. P.; Introduction a L'ecriture Sainte. Ou L'on Traite tout ce que Concerne les Juifs; leur Origine, toute la suite, de leur Histoire, selon l'ordre des tems; la forme de leur Republique, leurs Loix, leurs Coutumes, Leurs Annees; la Terre Sainte; Jerusalem, le Temple, le Tabernacle ... Enrichie de plusieurs Figures. Traduite du Latin du R. P. Lamy, Pretre de l"oratoire. Nouvelle Edition revue & augmentee. A Lyon, Chez Jean Certe, Rue Merciere, a la Trinite. 1709. Avec Approbation, & Privilege du Roy. TP w/ vignette design has some unpleasant spots (title page). Avis du Traducteur au Lecteur (iii-viii); Preface and Table of Chapters (unnumbered); 1-508; Tables and table of scripture passages (unnumbered); apparently complete. Apparently contemporary leather with five raised bands, gold-tooled spine, and title on brown label; spine is starting but overall-tight; corners to paper. Pages are basically in very good condition. Inside covers and endpapers have writing and drawings in old ink (one is of man smoking an old pipe) (click for example). 11 exquisite folding prints typical of this work, but this edition also contains 11 engravings of biblical mammals, fish, birds, and plants. Topics include a large fold-out map of the world with insets of Eden and the journey of the Israelites in the desert (small tear); map of of Holy Land (complete but with tear crudely repaired with tape but still O.K.); map of Jerusalem with synagogues shown with men blowing shofars as described in Rosenau (usual small tear at margin); tabernacle; temple plan; the famous temple rendition original to Lamy (inserted upside down); Jewish priest (Aaron); Rabbi with tefillin, etc.; and threecharts of coins, weights, and measures. Condition of prints: aside from above mentioned problems, clear, beautiful impressions. The Animals and plants are pictured two/four per page and include a lion, tiger, pelican (torn and stained); Camel and rhino; elephant and bear (fold at bottom); leopard, unicorn, deer, and ? (dated 1698); porcupine, oistrich, hyena, stag; whale, cameleon, croc; hippo, hammerhead and other shark. These are all in the fanciful style of the age and seem to be from another book of the day and bound into this book.. Click here for a detail of the two thumbnails. Size of book: 7.5" x 9.75". This book is a beautiful edition of Lamy's famous and important work. It was a commentary on aspects of the Jewish testament. Lamy was an independent minded French priest who found himself in trouble with the church from time to time. He had an interest in mathematics and felt he had figured out the true image of the Israelite tabernacle and temple. He rejected Villalpando's previous version, and came up with a truly independent vision. One of his images appears on the cover of Helen Rosenau's Visions of the Temple. Lamy's "specialty" was the tabernacle and temple, and he was also proud of his understanding of Hebrew measures and time calculations. #B12 SOLD

[Latin] Lamy, Bernardo, R. P.; Apparatus Biblicus, sive Manuductio ad Sacram Scripturam, Tum Claritus, tum facilius intelligendam. Auctore R. P. Bernardo Lamy, Congreg. Orator. Presbytero. Nova Editio; Aucta, & locupletata omnibus, quae in Apparatu Biblico desiderari pssunt. Jussu Illustrissimi Principis Ecclesiae Cabilonensis Typis mandata. Venetiis [Venice], 1721. Apud Bartholomaeum Maccarinum, sub Signo Auctoritatis. Superiorum Permissu, ac Privilegio. TP w/ vignette w/ initials "AF". Introductory pages begin with 3 and go, in folio, style to 8 with eight more unnumbered pages which include table of contents. Body of text has 1-783 plus one unnumbered end-note. Apparently decorative paper and contemporary vellum of the time with hand-written title on label. Pages are of beautiful, heavy laid paper. 11 exquisite folding prints many with "A Luciani, Scul" in plate. Topics include two maps, a plan of Jerusalem, a page of tabernacle images, fine temple rendition, detailed temple plan, priest w/ garments, rabbi w/ tefillin, and 3 charts of coinage and measurements. Condition of prints: clear, crisp, pristine impressions; many have small, almost inevitable tear, where attached, touching into images, a few with folds at this point also (see two scans for examples);  Condition of book:  Some dealer's pencil prices, etc. on inside cover, front endpaper, and "119" on cover -- all inoffensive; bottom hinge (cord) free but top remains tight and holds book; a few tears at hinges on front endpager (see tp scan); cover somewhat worn at spine edges; otherwise tight and readable and a fine copy in that text and plates are dark, crisp, and pristine. Size of book: 7.5" x 5.25". This book is a beautiful edition of Lamy's famous and important book. It was a commentary on aspects of the Jewish testament. Lamy was an independent minded French priest who found himself in trouble with the church from time to time. He had an interest in mathematics and felt he had figured out the true image of the Israelite tabernacle and temple. He rejected Villalpando's previous version, and came up with a truly independent vision. One of his images appears on the cover of Helen Rosenau's Visions of the Temple. Lamy's "specialty" was the tabernacle and temple, and he was also proud of his understanding of Hebrew measures and time calculations. #B9 $800

[Dutch] Hoogvliet, A.; Abraham de Aartsvader, in XII boeken door Arnold Hoogvliet. De vyfde druk. Te Rotterdam, By Jan Daniel Beman, 1746; (37) 288 pp; title engraving +12 engrav. + portr. + vign; title in red and black; perk; 4to. - Bibl. bnd. 14 full page prints which includes 1 title engraving; 12 full-page engravings preceding the 12 chapters; 1 fine portrait. Condition of prints: clear impressions, fine, margins of ± 2 cm. 3.  Condition of book:  It's full cont. blindstamped vellum binding, a bit stained. 1 endpaper contains an owner's entry from a monastry. This book has also belonged to the Dutch linquist Jan Knol. It's a good/ fine copy 4.  Size of book: 18,5 x 23,5 cm. title page This book contains poems and engravings about the life of Abraham. #B1 $300

[Dutch] Merken, L. W. Van; David, In twaalf boeken Door Lucretia Wilhelmina Van Merken. Te Amsterdam, by Pieter Meijer, voräan op den Vygendam 1767; (2) 395 pp; title engraving; title vignette; 12 full-page engravings by S. Fokke; 4to; leather. Some beginning loosening but overall good/very good copy. Fresh inside. Very top of spine missing. Edges rubbed. Size of book: 6.25" x 8". title page. Some remarks on Lucretia Wilhelmina van Meken (8-21-1721 to 10-24-1789). Contemporary critics called her the greatest Dutch poet. She was the female Vondel. She married Nicolaas Simon van Winter (a poet). Within a few years her father, mother and only sister died. Her faith made it possible to accept these tragedies. #B7 SOLD
Books Relating to the New Testament

[Latin] Testamenti Novi [New Testament], Editio Vulgata -- apparently Catholic but actually a Protestant Bible. Lugduni, Sub Scuto Coloniensi [in Lyon, under the shield of Cologne], [Jean and François Frellon], 4, 1549; Title page (trimmed 1/2" at bottom) has vignette with crab holding a butterfly with "Matura" which is the device and motto of the Frellon brothers. title pages for each book with woodcut scene or initial letter; Matthew through Acts numbered 1-464 pages; Epistles through Apocalypse numbered 1-325; plus 19 page index; approximately 109 woodcut scenes, 4.5cm x 5.5cm. each, mostly one per page but some on both sides and some repeats - these are small but powerful and at least some are by or after Hans Sebald Beham - examples; 16to[?] 3" x 4.5"; probably 19th.c. marbeled paper with one free endpaper; edges bumped; some writing on inside paste-down and a small, illegible stamp on front endpaper; a few worm holes on front hinge; top and margins shaved, sometimes down to page numbers or marginal notes but never affecting main text or images; pages edges painted [?] brick red; some browning on some images; water staining on bottom of some pages in a few instances into images though not particularly unpleasant - click here to see example; pp. 176-192 scrambled but all present; a few lines underlined; old Latin hand script on some pages including Matthew title page but pleasant and interesting; pages generally tight but a little loose in some places but still, not a delicate copy. #B8 SOLD.
Books Relating to both the Old and the New Testaments

Fontaine, Nicolas, Sieur de Royaumont (the whole originally designed by Richard Blome, Esq. Cosmographer to Her late Majesty Queen Anne); History of the Holy Bible, The; Contained in the Old and New Testament, and the Apocraypha. With the Lives, Travels and Sufferings of our Blessed Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and the Apostles; M Cooper, London; Nd. (1752-53). 1 vol (2vols in 1); Vol. 2 title page is dated 1753; VG, folio, 15.75" x 10", period full tree calf, some damage at head of spine. 6 raised bands on spine. Gilt title on black label. Gold tooling. N.B. -- According to ESTC, only four copies are recorded including those at McMaster Univ., Boston College, and the Union Theological Seminary. The first volume refers to the Old Testament and has an engraved title page, three fold out maps and view of Solomon's Temple plus 174 full page plates. Each plate faces a page of text explaining the image. In the second volume, on the The New Testament, there is an engraved title page, 83 (of 84, lacking number 33) full page engravings plus a fold out map. Also fold-out plates of Raphael Urbino's "The Miraculous Draught of Fishes" and "Peter and John going into the Temple", "The Death of Ananias", "Elymas ye Sorcerer Struck with Blindness", "Paul and Barnabas at Lystra", "Christ Commits the Care of His Sheep to the Apostle St. Peter" (with some damage) and "Paul preaching at Athens", all from the collection of the Royal Palace of Hampton Court. SOme unwanted creasing and tears to a few of the Raphael fold-out plates. Minor loss to lower corner of page facing plate 67 in NT, slightly affecting text. The names, addresses and crests of individual sponsors are shown on most plates (click here to see a typical cartouche with crest). To see a detail that is more true to color and detail than the digital scans click here. And for another detail, click here. #B17 $2000 SOLD.

[Dutch] Hamelsveld, Y. van; Bijbel-Geschiedenis. Door Y. van Hamelsveld. In Twee Deelen, met Platen. Behelzende de Geschiedenis van ... Te Amsterdam, Bij Johannes Allart, 1797. Two volumes 4to. (5.25" x 9"). Vol 1: 3-548, Vol 2: title+551-947, apparently complete. title pages. 26 full-page engravings on heavy, handsome paper (image size: 3.5" x 5.75"). Text paper is thin. Seemingly contemporary binding; leather spine w/ paper covers; titles on labels; spines a bit worn but hinges tight; thin gold-tooled bands. Plates have "G[?]. Buys, inv. et delin." and "Reiner Vinkeles, Sculp. 1797." This is another Dutch Bible history that has lovely engravings. Click here for two more details. It is in good+ condition. The problem worth mentioning is a tear on Plate XX which was repaired with old tape. B13 SOLD
[English] Southwell, Henry; The Universal Family Bible: or, Christian's Divine Library. Containing the Sacred Text of the Old and New Testament, with the Apocrypha at Large. Illustrated with Notes Theological, Historical, Practical, Critical, and Explanatory ... Embellished with One Hundred elegant Copper-Plates, executed, from original Designs and Capital foreign Paintings, By Grignion, Walker, Rennoldson, Taylor, &c. London: J. Cooke, in Pater-Noster Row; 1775. 15.25" x 9.75". This is the first of two volumes (going through Isaiah of the Old Testament), recently rebound, and containing 41 full-page plates after Wale, Picart, Luyken, Hoet, LeBrun, etc. plus 2 full-page maps. (Details in scan are larger than size.) Tall folio. Apparently Henry Southwell, L.L.D., rector of Asterby, Lincolnshire, only lent his name for a hundred guineas. There is water staining on the bottom 1-3 inches of each page through Genesis 11 that does not go into the images on the plates that it touches. There are 3crudely taped pages (one is the title page) and one is a plate. Otherwise text and plates are browned with some foxing but in good condition. Topics of plates include a Frontpiece with a old and new testament figures, Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, the Tabernacle and priests, Balaam, Passover, Sinai, Jael, Serpent, Adonibezeh, Jephthah, Samson, Samuel, Eli, David, the Witch, Amnon, Elijah, Isaiah, Haman, Josiah, Assyrians, Sennacherab, Hezekiah, Gehazi, Absalom, etc. #B11 SOLD

[Latin] [de Bry engravings]; Biblia Sacra Vulgata Editionis, Sixti v. Pont. Max. Jussu recognita Et Clementis VIII auctoritate edita; Nunc autem CXXXX figuris nouiter inuentis & in Aesincisis illustrata a de Bry. Ad Reuerendisis: & Illustriss: Archiepis: Moguntinensem principem Electorem ac archieancellarium. Moguntia apud Io: Albinum, imperisis Joanis Theobaldi Schonwetteri & Iacobi Fischeri [Mainz: Jo. Albinus for Johann Theobald Schonwetter & Jacob Fischer]. 1609. Engraved general title, 2 divisional borders, and about 140 text illustrations (Johann Theodore de Brys name on the OT title page) by various artists. 3 parts in one volume. 4to, 19C 1/4 sheep gilt; gilt edges. Images are all approximately 4.25" x 3.25", some repeats. This is the first Clementine Bible in German. Text and illustrations are on the whole in very good condition though with age-typical browning. Click here for a typical New Testament illustration. De Bry was one of the foremost illustrators of his age. He is most famous in this country for his series on the Americas, one of the earliest.  #B10 $2850 SOLD

[German] Luther, Martin; Biblia, Das ist Die Gantze Heilige Schrifft, Alten Und Neuen Testaments, Deutsch...; Wittenberg, 1702; Rich-toned full-leather. Good+. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Illustrated with 22 plates + 4 maps w/ vignettes (2 are triple fold), 3 pages have discoloring, 4 repaired. The book is heavily but not unpleasantly browned. There is one full-page engraving for almost all Bible books illustrating, in vignette form, various episodes in that book.  old testament image   new testament image title page  #B5 $750 SOLD

[Dutch] Hondius, Gerardus Puppius; De Kleine Print-Bybel. Waar in door verscheide afbeeldingen een meenigte van Bybelsche spreuken verklaart werden... Amsterdam, Joannes Pauli, May 1720, 1st. Ed. Engraved frontpiece and vignette on tp. (11), 150 single-sided full-page plates, 2 blank pgs, and 22 pgs of a key (Sleutel) to the figures which, however, stops at fig. 137 with the remaining pages missing. Contemporary vellum detaching somewhat. Modern name in ink on front endpaper w/ lower corner missing. In spite of above, a nice copy since all images are in at least good condition. This an early edition of the famous children's bible where 150 OT and NT verses are given and images are used to replace key visual words. Small 8vo. 6.25" x 4". title page  #B2 SOLD

[French] Martin, David; Histoire de la Bible, contenant le Vieux et le Nouveau Testament. Par Feu Mr. D. Martin, Ministre du Sr. Evangile a Utrect, Enrichie de plus de trois cens cinquante figures en taille-douce. Amsterdam, Marten Schagen, 1724. 4to. (3)+(6)+310;(3)+(6)+198 pp. (pp.154/155 & 180/181 in vol.1 omitted > in pagination). With ca.350 engravings. Index. Contemp. 3/4 vellum, mrbld sides. (Spine and binding rubbed, vellum gone from lower front corner; 6 pp. have a brown (water?) stain, however not seriously affecting plates). 11.5" x 8.75" Images are approximately 6' x 4", all are in text, approximately 1/2 page. This is the famous Mortier Great Bible in another format and with exrtra prints, published 24 yeaars later. Many of the images are from JAN LUYKEN and the other great illustratiors of the day. There is a beautiful frontpiece and a vignette on the title page. The cover is wearing though decent, but the pages are good/fine, and the images are, on the whole, dark, crisp, clear and handsome impressions for both OT and NT. title page  #B4 SOLD
Other llustrated Christian Books

[Dutch] Luiken, Jan; Langendyk, Pr.; Bruin, Cl.; Tafereelen der Eerste Christenen, Bestaande in 92 konstprenten van JAN LUIKEN, berymt door Pr. LANGENDYK en Cl. BRUYN. 1740 Amsteldam, Gerrit de Groot - Jacobus Rykhof. 8vo, full blindtooled calf, raised bands, two gilt letterpieces on spine, decorated endpapers, tp in red and black with publishers engraved vignette, pages not numbered (>200 pp), 91 (of 92, #77 lacking) double-page copper-engravings depicting historical scenes (martyrs, saints, etc., including executions, collessium) related to the origin of christianity, small chip at spine-end repaired, extremeties very slightly rubbed, previous owner entry on tp, otherwise in excellent condition, plates fresh etc. title page. Jan Luiken (Luyken) was one of the most important illustrators of his day. He was a Mennonite mystic. title page  #B3 SOLD

[Dutch] David, Jan (Johannes); Christeliicken waersggher, De principle stucken van t'Christen Geloof en Leven int cort begrijpende. Met een Rolle der deugtsaemheyt daer op dienende. Ende een Schildt-Wacht teghen de valsche Waersegghers, tooueraers, etc.; Antwerp: 4to. 2 pts. in 1 vol. J. Moerentorf for Plantin (Jan Moretus); 1602-3; [16],372,[8]; xxxvii,[13]pp. Contemp. plain paper covered boards, lacking backstrip, covers off; t.p creased & worn, occ. wormhole (some text affected), movable part of circular diagram (facing p372) lacking, light dampstain towards front, 102 engraved plates by Theodore Galle (each with rhymes in Latin, Dutch, and French), 2 woodcut & engraved t.p.s; all but two plates are laid-down on contemp. paper--apparently the plates were separately issued which accounts for their being mounted. In contrast to the cover and tp, on the whole the text and engravings are in Good to Good+ condition. The images have symbolic meaning and are therefore often unusual and bizarre. One in the scan shows the devil whispering into the ear of an heretic minister. Another shows the head as a house into which Death is crawling, etc. It is about wisdom and how to attain it. First Dutch Edition. David (1545-1613) Jesuit published a Latin version of this book in 1601 with the expressed desire to illustrate it with 100 fine engravings. It is a manual for the faithful, "in which the most important articles of faith for the Catholic church are clearly explained in a didactic, allegorical manner. In contrast with many other publications, the illustrations included are essential to the author's goal, who had insisted upon them for good reasons. The illustrations make the abstractions of the text clear and comprehensible.. This publication is one of the more important illustrated works that was produced under the direction of Jan Moretus I. M Sellink in The Illustration of Books Published by the Moretuses, p88 Landwehr 184. Praz 313. De Backer I,215. Imhof, Moretuses,88;2. title page  #B6 SOLD