antiquarian illustrated biblical books prints etc.



ABOUT US: is a new company. We are not experts in either books or prints but have come to this business through our love of old biblical illustrations and the use of them in our studies.

Buyers will please consider that our descriptions are not yet professional. We are trying to educate ourselves and hope our customers will have the inclination to help us where we have made descriptive errors.

Because of this, and because looking at something on the Internet is never like seeing it in person, we allow any return for any reason within 10 days. If there is an error in our description, return can be at any time. 

                 Thank you.  

                 Adelle and Thomas Hersh


As we are new to this business, we are not  always sure how to describe condition.  Sometimes we seem to give too many small problems that make the item sound bad. At other times, we overlook problems that might be upsetting to a discriminating buyer.  We are learning. Please note our return policy.   


Our images are from a very good digital camera and a good scanner.  Even so, in NO case does an image capture the quality of the original.

We can not list all items in stock. Regarding prints, we list no more than 20 from any one series.
If you are interested
in others from a book, please contact us.