Object: Painter with many hands
Materials: painted wood, small nails
Maker: unknown
Country: Mexico

Dimensions: 16"H x 12.5"W x 6"D
Condition: 1 arm glued back on, otherwise Fine


Object: Sun wall hanging
Materials: painted clay
Maker (signed): E. Alvarez
Country: Tonala Mexico
Provenance: Purchased in Los Angeles as Mexican Folk Art

Dimensions: 7.5" diameter
Condition: Very Good


Object: Navajo hat with prize winning Pawnee(?) silver head band and 19th(?) Century beaded patch
Tribes: Navajo, Pawnee?, ?
Provenance: Purchased in the 1970's or 80's in Los Angeles at a store selling Native American items
Note: according to an expert, the yellows and blues, if not the others, are 19th Century beads.

Dimensions: 16"L x 14.5"W x 5"H
Condition: Good with some dust, basically unworn


Object: Saddle Blanket
Material: dyed wool
Tribe: Navajo

Dimensions: 41" x 20.5"
Condition: Poor — washed crudely and torn — see images


20th Century
Object: Tankha (Thangka)
Material: paint on board
Artist: not given
Country: Tibet
Religion: Buddhism
Iconongraphy: unknown to me
Provenance: puchased by me at a Dutch auction c1995

Dimensions: 35" x 23.5" (of frame0
Condition: Good


c pre-1980's
Object: incised deer Skull
Country: Central Timor, Indonesia (was a Portugese colony)
Note from seller: "The people there make these animist fetishes and leave them along the paths in the mountains. On this one a happy ancestor face is carved in the forehead of a deer skull. These pieces call on the spirits of the ancestors for protection and help in the hunt."
Acquired from a collection in the 1980's in Darwin, Australia
Has a Rosewood and Forged Iron base for display (not shown)

Dimensions: 4.5"W x 3.75"H
Confition: Fine


Object: Figure of a male Deity with people, flowers, and animals "growing" out of or emerging from his body
Materials: painted clay
Country: Mexico
Note: no information given

Dimensions: 17.5"H x 6.5"W x 4.5"D
Condition: Fine but needs a good dusting


Object: Old Man with a Cane
Materials: painted wood
Artist (signed): I can't read
Provenance: Purchased c1970's as from Poland

Dimensions: 8" x 3" x 3"
Condition: Cracked down back, and in hat; a few chips and a few white spots on blue coat


Object: Man holding a Bible
Materials: painted wood
Artist (signed): I can't read
Provenance: Purchased c1970's as from Poland

Dimensions: 9" x 3" x 2.5"
Condition: Cracks down back from wood drying, Good


Object: Set of 4 figures of Women
Materials: ivory on marble bases
Artist: unknown
Country: England?

Dimensions: 2 3/4" diameter x 5.25"
Condition: Good


c20th Century
Object: carved Head (for the tourist trade)
Materials: ivory
Country: ? but African
Tribe: ?
Provenance: purchased by me in Los Angeles, California, c1970

Dimensions: 9"H x 3"W x 4"D
Condition: Good but for the crack


Contemporary (c1970) (for the tourist trade)
Object: Bearded Man with Children: Life Tree (?)
Material: ebony
Country: Tanzania or Mozambique
Tribe: the Makonde people
Style: Mawingu? (clouds)
Provenance: purchased in Africa, c1970's

Dimensions: 9.5"H x 6.5"W x 6"D
Condition: Fine

  Contemporary (c1970
Object: Man riding a Mule (?) (for the tourist trade)
Material: ebony(?)
Country: Tanzania or Mozambique (?)
Tribe: the Makonde people (?)
Provenance: bought in Africa, c1970

Dimensions: 11.5"H x 5"W
Condition: Very Good

Object: Goge Mask
Description: Mask, braided raffia headress
Country: Ivory Coast, Liberia
Tribe: given as Dan
Provenance: Unknown, I purchased on eBay in c1995

Dimensions: 12"H (with hair) x 11" x 4"
Condition: Very Good with some nicks

For a description of Dan masks, please click here. Men who wear the masks "become" spirits.


Object: Mask
Description: three birds on a pedestal, another bird and two men supporting the pedestal and the main figure
Materials: heavy wood and red, yellow, white, black, etc.paint
Country: Ivory Coast, Africa
Tribe: Baule
Provenance: collected in Africa, c1940
Note: possibly used in rituals (second set of holes in the perimeter of the mask after first set gave way.

Dimensions: 23.5" x 8" x 5"
Condition: Very Good with only minor problems

For a description of Baule masks, please click here.


Object: Ancestor Figure
Material: a heavy hard wood
People: Adu Zatuas
Country: Nias, Sumatra, Indonesia
Note: These figures, supposedly, contained the spirit of the dead (in this case, definitely a man) who were, through the figure, to bring good fortune. The spirit or "heart-soul" or moko-moko or nosododo survives death and enters a spider. When the spider is found it is taken to the figure, and the soul passes into it.
"The arms are held away from the body and are bent at the elbow so the hands are clasped under the chest. The legs are bent at the knees, possibly in a sitting position. The gender is always indicated. ... The nose and the brows form an unbroken arc, with the brows continuing ... the eyes are bulging ovals ..."
The figures are kept in the houses of the descendants.
Note from seller: "We got the Nias at Nias for few years ago. It made for someone's ancestor but we are not sure what his rank in Nias society. ... To see another example in Ethnograplical Museum, Budapest or in Art of Indonesia by Tibor Bodrogi page 32."

Dimensions: 21.5" x 5"W x 5.5"D
Condition: Fine, possibly has been cleaned

Click here to see an older one, from a museum.


Object: Butter Knife Rest (for the tourist trade)
Material: ivory
Country: sold to me as South Africa
Provenance: purchased by me at an African art store in the 1980's

Dimensions: 5.5" x .25" x .5"
Condiiton: Good


Object: tip of Tibetan ritual object, perhaps a
crown of a staff
Function: unknown
Material: a metal

Dimensions: 6"H x 2.25"W x 1D
Condition: Fine


Subject: Dressed up Ladey with Walking Stick and basket
Media: unclear
Artist: not given
Country: not known

Dimensions of frame: 26"H x 16"W
Condition: Red paint mostly gone from frame


Subject: Abstraction
Media: oil or acrylic on canvas
Artist (signed on back): P[auline] Falk, "9757 Rangview Dr. SA" [Santa Ana, CA]

Dimensions of frame: 32" x 29"
Condition: Good

Click here for an article about the artist

Subject: Abstraction
Medium: oil or acrylic on canvas
Artist (signed on back): "Morrel, 124 Thompson, NY, NYC"

Dimensions: 21" x 16"
Condition: loss of paint at bottom center patch

Date: unclear
Subject: naive folk rendition of a Group of Women by a River
Medium: oil on canvas
Artist: not given

Dimensions of frame: 20" x 17"
Condition: Good


1957 (on painting)
Subject: Herding of Sheep and a Cow
Media: oil on canvas
Artist (signed): M. L. Bonney

Dimensions of frame: 18" x 14"
Condition: Good


Object: hanging Textile — Arpillera
Subject: country scene with sheep or cows
Materials: appliqued cotton?
Artist: not given
Country: Columbia(?), South America

Dimensions: 33" x 29"
Condition: Good but needs cleaning


Object: hanging Textile — Arpillera
Subject: country scene with ducks
Materials: appliqued cotton?
Artist: not given
Country: Columbia(?), South America

Dimensions: 33" x 29"
Condition: Good but needs cleaning

Object: Front section of an old silk sleeve panel — using the "forbidden stitch" (= Peking knot)
Design: butterlies and flowers
Material: embroidery with silk thread on satin with trim

Dimensions: 20" x 6"
Condition: Poor with discoloration of the white silk and the embroidery loosening from backing and torn in places and little pieces of trim missing

Object: Woven Basket Tray
Material: a grass?
Culture: African? American Indian?

Dimensions: 12" diameter
Condition: possibly somewhat faded and dusty